Testimonials for the Laughing Irish:

Jimmy, Eric, John,

Thank you all so much for coming to Phoenix and making folks laugh so hard. Your comedy routines are just hysterical.

I had so much good feedback from everyone. One couple met me afterwards and the wife gave me a big hug with tears in her eyes, she and her husband had gone through a difficult time this past year with her husband being out of work and they hadn't laughed that hard in over a year.  They laughed so hard they had tears in their eyes.

May God continuously bless, keep, and guide you all.

Best Regards,

Federico E. de los Santos
Maggie’s Place Benefit
Corpus Christi Church
Phoenix AZ

I just want to say that I attended this show in March with my parents.  Honestly, I can not remember a time I laughed so hard.  What is interesting is that none of the jokes were dirty or even rude.  My parents enjoyed it a lot also.  I would highly recommend this to anyone-Catholic or not Catholic.

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